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Pilot Printing is now part of iCatholic Media, Inc., and The Pilot Media Group

In an effort to further the Church’s mission of evangelization and enhance parish communication tools, iCatholic Media and its Pilot Media Group division announced on September 10, 2010, that it had acquired Parish Communications Solutions, Inc., a leading bulletin provider and printing service to parishes in the Archdiocese of Boston and surrounding dioceses. The bulletin service became part of the Pilot Media Group and was renamed Pilot Bulletins. The printing service is called Pilot Printing.

The Pilot Printing team

The Pilot Printing team

“Bulletins are such an important tool for communication and evangelization” said Cardinal Seán O’Malley, OFM Cap. at the time of the acquisition. “Parish bulletins reach more Catholics weekly than any other media vehicle in the Archdiocese. We are hopeful that Pilot Bulletins will innovate in the ways weekly bulletins share our faith, convey important news, and invite Catholics to important events. We hope to make Pilot Bulletins the best Catholic bulletin service in the country.”

Scot Landry, Archdiocesan Secretary for Catholic Media, said, “Cardinal Seán has been an innovator in utilizing media for evangelization and has been a champion of the idea of offering a great bulletin service to parishes in the Archdiocese of Boston and beyond. In other parts of the country, bulletins are often more than 20 pages with articles on faith topics, columns from Catholic writers, sections for children, plus typically many pages of parish news and events. We want to learn from all of these best practices as we relaunch this service as Pilot Bulletins.”

Antonio Enrique, President of the Pilot Media Group, remarked “The addition of bulletin and printing services to the wide variety of media we already produce will enhance our ability to expand our reach. They provide new editorial and advertising synergies to our current lineup that includes The Pilot newspaper, TheBostonPilot.com, the Boston Catholic Directory and Pilot New Media Group. It is my hope that these expanded capabilities will allow us to work closely with pastors to initiate new ways to share information as a Catholic community.”

Parish Communications Solutions, Inc. was incorporated in 2001 and currently provides bulletins to more than 80 parishes in the Archdiocese and surrounding dioceses. Co-founder Paul Blanchette said, “The idea for forming a business to help the Church began on a Cursillo retreat. We initially started as a provider of parish software but soon learned from the parish secretaries we were assisting that parish bulletins hadn’t been significantly improved since the 1960s. So we designed our 4-color bulletin in a magazine format, including a different cover each week, to increase parishioner readership. Bulletin sponsors loved the opportunity to have their ads in colors. ParishComm has grown steadily ever since. It is the fulfillment of our hopes and prayers to become part of iCatholic Media and The Pilot, as we think we will now be able to help even more parishes. We thank Cardinal Seán for his vision and for his confidence in us.”

The bulletin and printing operations was relocated from Topsfield to the Archdiocesan Pastoral Center so that they could be co-located with other Pilot Media Group entities. “Our central location in the Pastoral Center allows us to be a convenient provider of printing services to the parishes, ministries and agencies of the Archdiocese, as well as to our bulletin sponsors,” said Blanchette. “We’ve found that we can typically save parishes 25-50% on their printing jobs, so we hope many parishes will give us a shot to earn their printing business.”

Pastors retain their right to choose their bulletin service provider. “We believe deeply in the Church’s principle of subsidiarity and, therefore, we respect the rights of pastors and parish leadership to select the bulletin provider that best meets a parish’s needs. Pilot Bulletins are a great product and the ParishComm team has been praised for its service by parishes throughout the Archdiocese. We hope that parishes currently utilizing other bulletin providers will want to learn more about how Pilot Bulletins can help advance their communication and evangelization efforts, and consider us the next time their bulletin contract comes up for renewal,” said Landry. “Personally, I look forward to discussing these bulletin and printing services with parishes and also sharing the many ways the newly formed Pilot Media Group can help parishes with their websites and other digital media tools.”

“Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Seán have called the Church to utilize all forms of media to hand on our great Catholic Faith.”

“In July, 2010, when Cardinal Seán formed the Catholic Media Secretariat, he clearly hoped that a bulletin service would be added as one of our media organizations,” said Father Robert Reed, President of the CatholicTV® Network. “He asked iCatholic Media’s management and trustees to support this change and we have. We think that bulletins are an important communication and evangelization tool and we hope that the new Pilot Bulletin Service will enhance the quality and the content of parish bulletins throughout the region. We see many ways in which the bulletins and CatholicTV can help each other to fulfill our missions of bringing the Good News, as well as parish and archdiocesan information, to all those we encounter.”

Cardinal O’Malley announced the formation of the Catholic Media Secretariat effective on July 1, 2010. Concurrently, the Trustees of BCTV, Inc. approved a reorganization that formed two complementary divisions, the CatholicTV® Network and the Pilot Media Group. BCTV, inc. was later re-christened iCatholic Media, Inc., to reflect its wider media efforts. “In addition to placing all the media entities into one secretariat, Cardinal Seán desired to have all of them in one corporate organization that would be dedicated to innovation in evangelization,” said Jay Fadden, Vice-President and General Manager of the CatholicTV Network. “We believe that having all these entities within the corporate organization, now including bulletin and printing capabilities, will allow all of them to help each other point more people to the saving love of Jesus Christ.”

Some of Pilot Printing's state-of-the-art digital color printers

Some of Pilot Printing’s state-of-the-art digital color printers

With this acquisition, the Archdiocese of Boston is believed to be the first diocese or archdiocese in the United States with the four core media vehicles of a television station, newspaper, new media group and bulletin service. “Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Seán have called the Church to utilize all forms of media to hand on our great Catholic Faith,” explained Landry. “We are blessed here in the Archdiocese with several ways to do just that and we ask the prayers of those throughout the Archdiocese for the success of these new initiatives.”

Additional information about this acquisition was published in the September 17, 2010 edition of The Pilot.

About iCatholic Media, Inc.:
iCatholic Media, Inc. is the corporate parent of The Pilot Media Group and the CatholicTV Network.

About The Pilot Media Group:
Founded in 1829 The Pilot is the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Boston and America’s oldest Catholic newspaper. Published 49 weeks per year, The Pilot delivers news, comment and analysis on issues of the day from a Catholic perspective. TheBostonPilot.com is an award-winning Catholic news website and The Pilot has a presence on Kindle, Facebook, Twitter and has iPhone and IPad applications. The Pilot’s Archdiocesan Catholic Directory is published each January with complete statistics and information for all the parishes, schools, agencies, ministries of the Archdiocese as well as information on clergy, religious, deacons and employees of the Archdiocese. The Pilot New Media group serves parishes and ministries with website and social media design and implementation. In September 2010, the Pilot launched Pilot Bulletins and Pilot Printing after it acquired Parish Communications Solutions, Inc. of Topsfield, MA.